Mad Scientist Mack

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Mad Scientist Mack

Phenomacon 2019 Master Class Cosplay Contest Winner

Mackenzie Rowe is new to the cosplay community, with less than 2 years of cosplay experience. Mackenzie originally started making costumes as a child, creating cardboard or wooden armor with his friends. He now works primarily with EVA foam, and specializes in plated armor designs. 


Mackenzie’s first handmade “convention ready” costume was constructed almost entirely out of recycled cardboard boxes. This experience reaffirmed Mackenzie's passion for costume creation, and his interest in the cosplay community. He is now dedicated to perfecting his craft, and refining his costume making skills. Some creations include, Hiccup’s armor from How to Train your Dragon, Chlorophyte armor from Terraria, and prop weapons from Skyrim. 


After graduating from the Motion Picture Arts program at Capilano University. Mackenzie then started Island Unmanned Flying Optics, an aerial and underwater photography company utilizing specialized drones. But when Mackenzie is not exploring the skies, or the depths, he works on his costumes and props.