VIIPA - Vancouver Island Ingress Players Association​ / VanIsle Pokémon Go Syndicate


Vancouver Island Ingress Players Association & VanIsle Pokémon Go Syndicate

Vancouver Island Pokemon Go Syndicate (VIPGS) is a volunteer organization dedicated to bringing the players of the game Pokemon Go and the diverse community groups together. Their focus is on bringing fun, friends, and family together under a shared interest of catching pocket monsters!

Visit our gaming area in the Victoria Conference Centre to find Vancouver Island Ingress Players Association (VIIPA). They are an inclusive volunteer organization dedicated to the island’s Ingress Agents. VIIPA supports the community via organizing public events, promoting Ingress regardless of in-game faction, and provides a contact point for Niantic Labs to assist in organizing officially sponsored events. Ingress is the first Geo-Location game created by Niantic Labs and is the inspiration for the wildly successful Pokemon Go.