Infusion Edutainment Virtual Reality 


Infusion Edutainment Virtual Reality 

located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

We feature games where you will be fully immersed in the virtual reality world as if you are really there! Use a bow and arrow, sword and shield, and laser guns to defend yourself from enemies such as robots or dragons! Travel to gorgeous destinations, touch a jellyfish, or watch a giant whale swim alongside you! We also feature educational content and short virtual reality movies for those who want to sit and relax.


 Visit our VR Lounge at 514 Fort St, Downtown Victoria BC to have endless new, fun experiences!


You can also visit us at the upcoming Phenomacon event in July 2020, where we will be featuring the all time favorites Beat Saber and Space Pirate Trainer! 


Beat Saber

 Use two light sabers to slice your way through the beat of a song!


Space Pirate Trainer

Be a Space Pirate and fight off waves of flying robots using your epic firearms and shields!


You can enter our competition to win a $50 gift card OR if you beat our highest Beat Saber score you can win a smart watch!


See you in the virtual world


Infusion Edutainment Virtual Reality

phone: 778-265-8338

Cell: 250-533-9487