405th Halo Costume and Prop Community 


405th Halo Costume and prop community

“Some fans play Halo, some fans live it”


The 405th Infantry Division is the premier online Halo prop and costuming community with over 30,000 members worldwide bringing the props, armour and vehicles of the Halo Universe® to life. The 405th was founded in 2005 as an online message board to help anyone create the complex costumes and props seen in the Halo Universe® and has grown to be an invaluable resource for costuming patterns, tutorials and advice as well as a being a community that organizing fan meet-ups, fundraisers and events. Through their armor the 405th showcases unity and honour by celebrating member's artistic creations and the shared passion for the games, books, comics and movie experiences that make up the Halo Universe®.


Join in with the community to build your character!